Quitters Toolbox

We have loads of great stuff to help you quit smoking.

Check out some of the downloads on this page for some useful tips and advice from professionals and people who have quit. Watch a couple of the videos we have hand-picked just for you. Why not read some of the stories from people living in North Wales who have taken that giant step and quit smoking with the support of their GP, NHS Stop Smoking Service or local pharmacy. Some have even quit cold turkey - all on their own!

Whatever you choose and how ever you choose to do it, don't forget that we have a Facebook community set up for people in north Wales. Like the page and engage with other smokers and quitters and help each other to quit.

Useful stuff for quitting

Download some of these resources to help you quit smoking.

  • North Wales Pharmacies
    North Wales Pharmacies

    There are over 100 pharmacies in North Wales who can help support you to quit smoking. Download our directory to find your nearest Pharmacy offering support.

  • Stop Smoking Booklet
    Stop Smoking Booklet

    This handy step-by-step guide contains loads of great facts and tips to help you become smoke free.

  • What is Second Hand Smoke?
    What is Second Hand Smoke?

    Whenever you light up, secondhand smoke is produced. Get the truth here and help protect your family.

  • Your Smoking Diary
    Your Smoking Diary

    This will give you an idea of times and places when you smoke and when you’re most likely to miss your cigarettes.

  • FREE products to help you quit
    FREE products to help you quit

    Download this voucher, print or take phone/ tablet to nearest participating pharmacy to redeem.

  • Facebook Community
    Facebook Community

    Join the QuitForThem Facebook community for tips, advice and support.

There's an app for that

Check out these great apps that can support you on your journey to being smokefree.

Useful Videos