Tony's Story

My sense of taste has been completely transformed - I don’t even like the same foods that I used to when I smoked!

Tony had been smoking for over 30 years, but as a keen badminton player, he found that the smoking was having an adverse effect on his health and fitness levels. He contacted the Stop Smoking Wales service and began weekly meetings at a clinic, as well as using Champix tablets. He had regular CO tests to monitor his progress and with the help of the services, Tony has been smoke free for 15 weeks.

Although Tony struggled with the cravings, he found that keeping active or having an activity such as reading or food prepping really helped to keep his mind off smoking. He found that the hardest part of the quitting process was being around his smoker friends, however he remained determined and found the willpower to decline any cigarettes that was offered to him.

After going smoke free, Tony saw that he was able to move around the badminton court more without becoming breathless and his legs didn’t ache like they used to. He also loved his renewed sense of taste – he even found that he didn’t like the foods he usually ate when he smoked!

Tony now plans to go on holiday with the money he has saved from quitting smoking. He feels that the best advice he could give to anyone wishing to quit would be to mentally prepare yourself and to not go into the process half-heartedly.