Michelle’s Story

My mum was a big smoker and died at 60… I don’t want to be the same.

Having first started smoking at 15 to ‘fit in’, Michelle went from smoking around 5 cigarettes to 20 a day. Michelle made the decision to quit so that she could look after her young grandson and have some extra money to spend on him, as well as being worried by the fact that her mother, who had previously been a heavy smoker, had died at the age of 60 - just 8 years older than her current age.

In an attempt to also help her daughter to stop smoking, Michelle took them both to a local pharmacy and was given a pack including patches and inhalators, along with other useful information. She found the pharmacist very encouraging and friendly and continued to see her every Friday for advice and updates on progress. Having tried several quit attempts before, she was more determined to quit this time, helped by the encouragement of her children.

Michelle’s advice to anyone wanting to quit smoking would be to get some help along the way; visit a pharmacy, doctor or the Stop Smoking Wales services. She encourages anyone wishing to quit to keep trying – it may take 3 or 4 attempts but it will happen eventually.

Michelle has seen big improvements in her breathing and is looking forward to spending her extra money on her young grandson, instead of cigarettes.