Lyn's Story

“I burnt the house down at five years old after stealing my parent’s cigarettes and lighting them”

Up until recently, Lyn was smoking 10 – 15 cigarettes a day. Lyn’s quit date was the 19th July 2015, and since then she hasn’t touched a cigarette. Lyn believes that her success was down to the medication Champix that she received after visiting her local GP, who referred her to the pharmacy service.

Lyn had attempted to quit on five previous occasions and believes that her success was down to the friendly and helpful support she received from the staff in the pharmacy. After successfully quitting Lyn has managed to put the £20 – 25 that she used to spend on cigarettes to a good use, and is saving it up towards her pension fund.

Lyn has always had a goal. She wanted to quit before she was 60 and move to the seaside and become fitter. And now she has done done it. She told us that the best thing about quitting is that she has stopped coughing in the night, a problem that she has suffered with for many years - as soon as she quit smoking her persistent cough subsided and she can sleep better at night.

Lyn has advised smokers who are trying to quit to carry on trying and never give up. She said: “people might say you can’t do it but there’s no such thing as can’t!” She is now using her experience to help her husband give up smoking, and is looking forward to her healthier future by the seaside.