Lisa's Story

My daughter heard me wheezing and thought it was the cat!

Lisa, 51, began smoking 27 years ago when her friends started. It wasn’t long before she was smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day.

Early this year her daughter noticed her heavy breathing and at first thought it was the family cat. It was enough to make her daughter concerned and made Lisa realise that she needed to do something about it.

Lisa had previously tried on her own and purchased patches but they didn’t work for her. In the end she sought help from her GP. In fact, the GP advised her to stop smoking after repeatedly getting infections. Lisa has now been smoke free for 3 months.

Lisa has begun to feel the benefits already. Within the first three months, she has an improved sense of smell and taste and has noticed that she
is not getting out of breath so easily. She feels that the benefits were completely worth it and doesn’t miss smoking.

Lisa said the biggest tip she could offer anyone wishing to stop smoking would be just to persevere as much as possible. Even though it took two or three attempts to eventually become smoke free, she believed that having her daughter’s comment stuck in her head really helped drive her to quit.

Reaping the benefits from stopping smoking, Lisa now plans to use the money that she previously spent on cigarettes on a summer holiday.