Laura’s Story

I was spending money on something I didn’t really like. Not anymore.

Laura, 32, started smoking experimentally when she was 16. Having seen a television campaign in October, Laura decided that she wanted to save some money and improve her health by quitting the habit.

Laura admitted that her habit grew from the age of 16, going from one or two a day to 10 a day by the time she reached 19. She addmitted to being more of a social smoker and would sometimes smoke a packet of 20 on a night out. When she first started, Laura did not actually like smoking at all, but being at experimental age she joined in to look cool.

After seeing the Stoptober campaign on television, Laura and her partner signed up, having reached the point where health was becoming an issue. The smell was also off-putting and Laura didn’t like spending lots of money on something she said she didn’t like anymore. Already aware of places to go for support, Laura felt too proud to go to a doctor for help and a previous attempt with patches had been unsuccessful. In the end the Stoptober convinced her to give it another try and she has now been smokefree for over 8 weeks.

Laura felt the health benefits very quickly after stopping; she regained her sense of smell and she was breathing better. Unfortunately Laura’s partner had not managed to stay smoke free, but Laura hopes to be an inspirationto her.

Laura’s advice to people wanting to stop smoking is to not put too much pressure on yourself; remain strong but try not to think about it all the time. Concentrate on what you want to achieve and do it for yourself.