John’s Story

I found going to the cinema instead of going out socializing helped me to stop smoking

John has 3 children, who encouraged him to stop smoking, as two of them are trained nurses. He wanted to stop smoking as it made him out of breath easily and he said the smell of smoke was awful. He also knows of people who have passed away through infections due to smoking.

Using the Stop Smoking Wales eight week programme, John decided to quit for good. The programme involves a consultation every week to see how you are getting on and talk about how you are feeling about the challenges of quitting smoking.

The best advice John said he could give to anyone wishing to stop smoking would be to avoid social drinking for a while, which is a common place for people to smoke. This then removes the temptation slightly. John suggested doing something else instead, such as going to the cinema. He found that the best way to cope with cravings would be to go out for walks, perhaps with the dog.

Having previously smoked 15 cigarettes, John now saves around £40 a week, which he is putting towards buying some new clothes for himself. He hopes to have stopped smoking for good now, as he is now on his final week of the stop smoking programme.