Chris's Story

I'll be the money that I'm saving to go and visit my children abroad, I can't wait, and I couldn't have done it if I'd carried on smoking!

Christopher used nicotine replacement patches which he got on following advice by Stop Smoknig Wales and his GP. He feels that the success to quitting was the support he received from Smoking Cessation Specialist, Anna and also the support from others who were attending the groups. During his support sessions his carbon monoxide saturation levels were checked and he said that the high readings were a big factor in his decision to quit.

Chris said: I’m due to have an operation in the coming months, for which my consultant advised me they will not do if I’m still smoking, so thank goodness for the amazing support I received from Anna and Stop Smoking Wales.” He also said that he will be using the money that he is saving to go and visit his children abroad.

“For me the best thing about quitting is that I feel better in myself, I smell better, I have more money, and food tastes better. I’ve also fulfilled my lifelong dream of walking up Snowdon, something which I could never have done whilst I was still smoking! Give it a go, quitting smoking will be the best decision you’ll ever make.”