Benjamin's Story

I'm less lethargic and can now spend more time doing things with my wife and daughter on my days off.

After finding out that he was going to be a father Benjamin sought help from his GP and was referred to the Stop Smoking Wales team. He was prescribed nicotine replacement medication as he was convinced that nothing would work for him and this was suggested to be the strongest medication. Benjamin said that he wasn’t convinced that he would quit and admits that the first session was difficult as he felt he was quitting for his baby and not himself but by the 2nd/3rd session he felt determined.

Since giving up Benjamin says that the best thing about stopping smoking is that he is able to breathe properly in the morning, he no longer coughs, can taste things better, his skin feels much better and also smells better! He says he has seen an improvement in his health and now feels more awake, is less lethargic and is now more willing to do things with his wife and daughter on his days off.

Benjamin advises anyone who is struggling to quit to get in touch with Stop Smoking Wales. He said that he is so glad that he went and the team were very helpful with great advice, the meetings weren't too long, for free and it was also good to see how everyone else was getting on and.

Benjamin plans to save the money he used to spend on cigarettes for another family holiday.