Andrew’s Story

The best thing about quitting is not having to go out in the rain anymore!

During a spell in hospital, Andrew began smoking to feel like he was a part of a group. His habit of 20 a day cost him around £25 per week. Eventually though, the smoking began to have an impact on his health, aggravating his asthma and giving him a tight chested sensation.

At first Andrew struggled to quit completely, having a few relapses when he became stressed. He coped with cravings by having just one or two a day and using an e-cigarette before being able to quit completely. Andrew used the pharmacy services, in particular the spray included with the kit, which he said was handy to take with him everywhere, allowing him to do things like go to the cinema which he wouldn’t have been able to do with a cigarette.

Andrew’s biggest tip to smokers hoping to quit would be to try not to do it all at once. He found the hardest part of quitting to be missing that first cigarette in the morning and not having something to do with his hands.

Andrew now plans to spend the money that he has saved from smoking, putting it towards presents for Christmas.