Allan's Story

I have saved myself over £6000 by stopping smoking!

Allan, 68, would never leave the house without a lighter and a cigarette, as his smoking habit increased to up to 80 cigarettes per day and filling up three ashtrays a day! Unfortunately, he suffered from a stroke, which prompted him to consider the detrimental effects smoking was having on his health and life expectancy.

Allan approached the pharmacy for support and signed up to the eight-week programme. He attended sessions weekly and then every other week. He also encouraged and inspired one of his work mates to use the same service.

Having smoked his last cigarette in January last year, Allan has now been smoke free for a year. Since stopping smoking, he has saved a total of £6520 and has undergone a complete transformation, going from being underweight to a much healthier weight. He considers himself ‘one of the lucky ones’ by seeking help from the pharmacy services, and finally being able to kick the habit.